Hair Removal for Men

Removing unwanted hair on men is more common that you may realize. Men are looking for

  • Ear hair removal

  • Eye brows separated

  • Bushy brows are tamed

  • Unruly hairs diminished in size

  • Hairline reshaping

  • Hair transplant plugs thinned for a more natural appearance

  • Neckline hair removal

  • Ingrown beard hairs destroyed

  • Beard, goatee, and mustache edges refined

  • Chest hair removal

  • Back hair removal

  • Arm, hand, and finger hair thinning hair removal for a more groomed appearance

  • Beards and facial hair removal, including ingrown hair removal to avoid possible infections, if left untreated

  • Underarm hair removal

  • Transgender hair removal

  • Genitalia hair removal (if pre-operative removal for trans-gender surgery, please provide a note from your surgeon as to the pattern of the removal) [Note: surgically "scraping" the underside of the skin does NOT permanently destroy hair follicles due to stem cells present near the neck of the follicle that can regenerate the follicle if not destroyed]

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